Monday, April 4, 2011



my name is Sarah Trent ™.

today i am writing a blorg post because i am simultaneously stoned and energized. this is good energy that must be directed towards a worthy task and not wasted! therefore, this post is coming into being, like Adonis coming into Venus and splashing his semen all over their celestial bed, creating the stars. then she gave birth to their violent, flaming, illuminating, life-giving but inevitably dark star of doom, the sun. that is this blog post.
so...where to begin?
well, in the beginning. the first human of higher consciousness to draw breath was my grandmother, rosa. the dawn of time found her coughing and crying and clearing her lungs, a babe on the African plain. she cut her teeth and dried behind her ears and amassed fortunes through the passage of the ages. this was eons ago. she is now a fragile and delicate example of youth long past.

two days ago she broke her leg. she was taken to the village of the Smocks and Scrubs, where she will be attended to for several weeks. no one knows what will become of themselves. this is the way of things.

i visited my parents and hometown over the past few days. it is still a place i do not want to live. it is still a place they want to live. it was for business that i visited, and i think my objective was accomplished.

this required me to drive, which means that it required me to have a panic attack for the 3 hours there and the 3 hours back, as well as the 36 hours in advance of each trip. somehow, i came through it and lived another day to further gently indent my mattress.

the best part was seeing my doggie zj!!! i love him. he loves me. i like to clutch him by his wiry fur and hold him close to me. he tries to wriggle away and usually wins.

the worst part was realizing that my old dad knows more about computers than i do. i now need a newer, better computer. it has to have all of the technical aspects that make it a superior machine. it must support my life activities without fail or reticence.

speaking of which, cityville and i have cooled our relationship for each other a bit. currently, my main focus there is replacing ugly orange building with pretty pink ones. destroy the partriarchy!

mostly, i am building a virtual doghouse for virtual zj in minecraft. see the photos below.
speaking of houses, it seemed that a move for me was imminent, but i think it has been delayed, at least for a bit. this is good, because it seems that a suitable castle for my (and bev's) dwelling has not been constructed yet. apparently, the earth has yet to produce a rock pink enough to make the walls out of. this is annoying, but i try to not let it get to me, since it looks like it could take a while and i'd rather not be annoyed for millions of years.

today my head hurts. you know the fire retardant systems that automatically fill all of the rooms and halls with a non-flammable foam? that is what my head is doing to my sinuses and nasal cavities/passages now. its doing it SO HARD that the muscles above and behind my ears actually hurt. this is absurd. i am currently taking drugs to aggressively counteract my body's natural defensive processes. i am taking them so aggressively that yesterday one oblong pill flipped sideways going down my throat. this caught my attention.

anyway, i now have to hold an important video-conference with my bff. we are going to talk about important topics and secretly think to ourselves how cute the other is. thanks for reading!