Monday, October 10, 2011

looked at thousands of fonts, to see if anything jumped out at me, for the purposes of my hopefully soon-to-be-published webcomic. nothing did. but i like dafont anyway. it's even better than da vinci code.

i didn't renew and so i think i'll be moving this blog at some point too.

this hello kitty travel article kinda made me cream my jeans (i am actually wearing jeans today! it's fall!!) but it only goes from like, fukuoka to tapei or something. if only it went from seatac to vegas because i'd surely have bought my minecon tickets.

peter thinks minecon is a stupid idea, but he's a stupid idea (not really. i'm just kinda sad that he's discouraging me from going to minecon, especially after he was the first person to try to con me into playing minecraft. it just doesn't make any sense).

for a few minutes i drummed my fingers on my desk along with the drummer (or river dancer??) who lives above me.

i've been having really fucked dreams lately. i do not like this.

Monday, August 22, 2011

animals on t-shirts

I don't wear t-shirts often, especially not crew neck graphic printed tees, but I saw these shirts from The Mountain today and I want them all. I considered chopping and sewing them so they fit more like how I like shirts, but honestly I know I'll be too lazy to do that. Here are some of my faves.

kitty overalls

dj jahman manimals

golden face

There are several other dog breeds like that last one, all of which I'm drawn to. But I also like the nostalgic feel of the kittens in the overall pocket. This last one has a real narrative to it too, and is titled "Trapped."


Friday, August 5, 2011

Calvin Harris "Feel So Close"

Are you looking for the best remix of Calvin Harris' new jam "Feel So Close?"

Probably not, but I am.

Here are some of the options you've got when picking a remix of this electromantic (I thought I just made up that word, but google tells me otherwise) ballad:

In order of best to not as good, IMHO ...

1. Finest Remix (5:04) I've never heard of Finest before and I may have to check out some of their other remixes. This was an eargasm. Tasty bass with a bite. Well balanced crunch. Could get a little repetitive, but that's also what I thought when I heard Calvin Harris' original version of this song. This remix captures the romance of the song better than any other I've heard.

2. TABS Bootleg Remix (5:24) This is pretty. It's not hard or hella intense but it's not boppy and weird. Just pretty and good and pretty good. Honestly, they're all starting to sound a lot alike ... but I like this.

3. Bombs Away Remix (4:59) Is this what house music is like? I'm not sure. I initially had little hope for this song, along with the ugly picture they chose to upload it with, but it's actually got some cool stuff going on in it if you can get through the first minute or so. It's almost sexy. And a little bit gay. Both good things.

4. Nero Remix (4:45) Good, but generic. We get it. Nero, you're all right, but I am looking to have my mind blown or my face melted off or at least my mom to walk in on me jerking off to this song. None of those things happened when I listened to this song.

5. Benny Benassi Remix (5:12) I like Benny Benassi, but the top comment on this track is "WHO WANTS A SKRILLEX REMIX?" and I would thumb up that comment if I were the type of girl that thumb ups youtube comments. Honestly, it's pretty boring. Maybe if there were sexy ladies using powertools or something jiggling to the beat, but until then ...

6. Dillon Francis Remix (5:13) It's not bad. It's got beeps, boops and bass, but is kinda too slow to dance to and too fast to pass as a slow jam. This one's fun, but not something I'd listen to on repeat for an entire day. Or even twice in a row actually.

7. Viper Creek Club (3:33) This is a fun remix if not just because it's so unique. This song is kind of a fun laid back summer mushy song, but this remix accentuates that aspect of it more. For instance, the Finest remix is a lot more powerful and moving while this just makes me think of lying in a park with my eyes closed or walking down the hill after having a few dranks.

8. Dan Clare Remix (3:31) Why it only in 240p? It's all right, I didn't dislike the song but compared to the potential I hope for in a remix of a Calvin Harris song, meh.

9. Xclusi!ve Electrostep Edit (3:53) If the nasty watermarked image they used for this didn't red flag this for me, the fact that it's got the word "xclus!ve" in it should have. I feel like this would be better as a mediocre mashup of every genre of remixes into 4 minutes or less. This is the one remix of all of these that I actually dislike and never want to hear again.

And here's the slow motion summer hipster cream dream original version:

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Every few weeks/months I like to skim vimeo's videos they like. Found this great artist, makoto yabuki:

Twittering again. I've always liked Tweetdeck and I'm going to see how I feel about using it again. Google+ is cool. This image was funny:

What else to say ... I'm doing well in Bejeweled. I've been eating a lot of nachos. I need to work on comic drawings more. That's all for now.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Prints: An Update

A little bit ago I made a post showing one of the blocks I carved. Here are the resulting prints.

What I'm working on now? Well, for one a map. And for another, a milk carton. Pics to follow. One day ...

Monday, June 20, 2011

my mouth is agape

Recently I've found some videos that are so heinous my jaw hurts. Another thing that I find a bit incredible is that these aren't new. I mean both these phenomena have been around for a few years.

Anyway, just minutes ago, I made the shocking discovery that ... Segway polo is real. As in, a world championship exists. I was in Cal Anderson with Peter awhile ago and we watched some bicycle polo players practice. That was horrifying enough. Somehow we (and our friend Rachel) came up with the idea of Segway polo. This was totally a joke--ha ha, what if we all invested Segways and started a Segway polo league? Ha ha ha. Nope, it's real. ):

Other jaw-dropping video(s)? Xtina sent me a link of Daryl Hall of Hall and Oates of Hall and Hautes with Chromeo performing "No Can Do." My reaction was excitement, of course! I like Daryl Hall AND Chromeo and the mash up was lovely. But wait! That wasn't the heinous video! Daryl Hall does a monthly webcast called Live From Daryl's House. After being delighted by Daryl and Chromeo jamming together, I saw that HE ALSO HAD ROB THOMAS AS A GUEST. I hate Rob Thomas. I hate Matchbox 20. But that video was so ridiculous all I could do was laugh and re-watch it over and over. Rob's facial expressions! His bracelets! I think the only time I've ever seen Rob Thomas sing and not been filled with annoyance and anger. Daryl Hall is infinitely cool.

"For me it was sort of an obvious thing. I've been touring my whole adult life really, and, you know, you can't be EVERYWHERE! Nor do I WANT to be everywhere at this point! I only like to spend so much time per year on the road. So I thought 'Why don't I just do something where anyone who wants to see me anywhere in the world CAN?! And, instead of doing the artist/audience performance-type thing, I wanted to deconstruct it and make the audience more of a fly-on-the-wall kind of observer... I mean, what I've always done onstage is very natural. I talk to the audience and it's a very sitting-roomy kind of thing. So I just thought I'd basically bring that to the web."

-Daryl Hall on Live From Daryl's House via