Monday, October 10, 2011

looked at thousands of fonts, to see if anything jumped out at me, for the purposes of my hopefully soon-to-be-published webcomic. nothing did. but i like dafont anyway. it's even better than da vinci code.

i didn't renew and so i think i'll be moving this blog at some point too.

this hello kitty travel article kinda made me cream my jeans (i am actually wearing jeans today! it's fall!!) but it only goes from like, fukuoka to tapei or something. if only it went from seatac to vegas because i'd surely have bought my minecon tickets.

peter thinks minecon is a stupid idea, but he's a stupid idea (not really. i'm just kinda sad that he's discouraging me from going to minecon, especially after he was the first person to try to con me into playing minecraft. it just doesn't make any sense).

for a few minutes i drummed my fingers on my desk along with the drummer (or river dancer??) who lives above me.

i've been having really fucked dreams lately. i do not like this.