Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A full day!

bought these shoes a couple weeks ago after eyeing them for a couple months.i sleep with them next to my bed, possibly because I'm a messy slob, possibly because I love them so much.

peter gets nervous when I wield carving tools.

Most days I'm in a generally bad mood. Being depressed does that.

Lately I've been feeling a bit more spirited. Had set my alarm this morning for 8.30 because I had an appointment with psychiatrist. Woke up to a voicemail which google couldn't transcribe and when I listened to it, was just a bunch of clicks. Frustrated and anxious, I called the number back and was informed my appointment was cancelled. Simultaneously annoyed and relieved. Lazed around til noon or so then met up with Peter who had generously bought me coffee after I gave him confusing instructions about what I wanted. Walked up to the studio with him to work on my ugly (but it's something!) linocut. Walked around enough today I have a blister on my foot. Did enough art I have a blister on my finger. Listened to a bunch of music (including a new song I discovered--Hush Hush by Airliner [see GS widget below]). Stopped by the grocery on the way home, got in around 10. Made and ate a delicious croissant sandwich (turkey, havarti, pesto and spinach). Watched an incredible Youtube video of a guy getting into a car.

Now about to watch the season 4 finale of Gossip Girl (also today "fake" photos of Blake Lively were leaked! (: (: )

Essentially I've been practicing a few tricks for better living:
have a couple friends who do stuff with you
take yr meds
buy a pair of nice shoes
don't forget to caffeinate
eat at least once a day (twice or even more than that is preferable, but let's be realistic)
L-bomb a cute nice boy when you're Ambien-tripping.

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