Monday, June 20, 2011

my mouth is agape

Recently I've found some videos that are so heinous my jaw hurts. Another thing that I find a bit incredible is that these aren't new. I mean both these phenomena have been around for a few years.

Anyway, just minutes ago, I made the shocking discovery that ... Segway polo is real. As in, a world championship exists. I was in Cal Anderson with Peter awhile ago and we watched some bicycle polo players practice. That was horrifying enough. Somehow we (and our friend Rachel) came up with the idea of Segway polo. This was totally a joke--ha ha, what if we all invested Segways and started a Segway polo league? Ha ha ha. Nope, it's real. ):

Other jaw-dropping video(s)? Xtina sent me a link of Daryl Hall of Hall and Oates of Hall and Hautes with Chromeo performing "No Can Do." My reaction was excitement, of course! I like Daryl Hall AND Chromeo and the mash up was lovely. But wait! That wasn't the heinous video! Daryl Hall does a monthly webcast called Live From Daryl's House. After being delighted by Daryl and Chromeo jamming together, I saw that HE ALSO HAD ROB THOMAS AS A GUEST. I hate Rob Thomas. I hate Matchbox 20. But that video was so ridiculous all I could do was laugh and re-watch it over and over. Rob's facial expressions! His bracelets! I think the only time I've ever seen Rob Thomas sing and not been filled with annoyance and anger. Daryl Hall is infinitely cool.

"For me it was sort of an obvious thing. I've been touring my whole adult life really, and, you know, you can't be EVERYWHERE! Nor do I WANT to be everywhere at this point! I only like to spend so much time per year on the road. So I thought 'Why don't I just do something where anyone who wants to see me anywhere in the world CAN?! And, instead of doing the artist/audience performance-type thing, I wanted to deconstruct it and make the audience more of a fly-on-the-wall kind of observer... I mean, what I've always done onstage is very natural. I talk to the audience and it's a very sitting-roomy kind of thing. So I just thought I'd basically bring that to the web."

-Daryl Hall on Live From Daryl's House via

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